Just like us dogs also fall ill and as a matter of fact their illnesses to a certain extent similar to us. We must understand that the sensitivity of your pet is not much different from that of an infant to the drugs. So the best way is to stay with the naturally existing laxatives for them.

An unbalanced diet is usually the most common cause of constipation in dogs. Lack of fiber causes a buildup of drying feces which becomes lodged in the intestines. The most palpable cure in this situation is therefore increasing the fiber intake in your dog’s diet. This can be achieved simply by adding a teaspoon of bran or some other high fiber food to your dog’s regular meal. This also indicated that you need to reconsider what you are feeding to your dog, as it is not fulfilling your dog’s dietary needs.

The next most important factor is to ensure a fresh supply of water in large quantity be made available to your dog, as reduced hydration is the biggest cause of constipation in your canine companion.

Milk causes diarrhea in pets and most vets do not advise its use. But if your pet is in dire need of a laxative then a little of real dairy milk might be the relief he needs. Smaller dogs can tolerate up to 1/8 cup twice a day and large ones up to 1/2 cup in the morning and again in the evening. Stop the milk as soon as the problem is resolved. Too much of milk can lead to other problems which would be hard for you to handle.

The best laxative that can naturally be given to your dog is a good and healthy dose of exercise as a routine. If your pet is not getting enough exercise then chances are that he will suffer from constipation. Be sure to take out your companion for a few hours in a park for exercise. This will definitely change how thing move around, especially your pet’s bowels.