Dogs experience bowel obstruction because they love to chew, and end up swallowing non edible objects like sticks and stones, parts of toys or even clothes and shoes they have chewed on. Sometimes the object is small enough that it can pass through the dog therefore it causes no harm, but sometimes the object is such that it lodges in the digestive tract and causes a blockage in the bowels. This can be dangerous. Sponges and rubber-type material that swell in the intestinal tract or large or sharp-pointed items that lodge in the intestines cause blockages or lacerations and need to be surgically removed as soon as possible, or they could prove to be fatal for your pet. When the blockage is high up in the intestinal tract, projectile vomiting will occur, and your pet may not be interested in eating. A blockage lower down also causes vomiting, but it will be less frequent, dark brown, and smell like feces- the abdomen will also swell. Not all of the symptoms need to be present to signify trouble, just unusual behavior in the initial period can give you an indication of your pet has eaten something that he shouldn’t have.

If you are aware of the size of the object that your dog has swallowed to be small, you can wait 24 hours to let nature work it out. As long as your pet still feels well enough to eat and drink without vomiting, try feeding the dog 1 and a half times the normal serving size. This should encourage increased bowel activity and help your pet to naturally remove the object from his system. You must keep your pet under strict observation for any unusual behavior or symptoms. Watch for signs of shock.

Blockage in the bowel can becomes dangerous for your pet if the blood supply in the intestines is hampered. Without proper blood supply the tissues can irreparably get damaged. A pet in this condition will have a very tender abdomen which will feel rock hard on touching. There are chances that your dog will go into a shock and may collapse. To fight the shock, wrap the dog in a blanket to keep him warm and get professional help immediately.