Your dog is a mammal as much as you are. Their daily needs and requirements are pretty much similar to any person. Similarly, every dog is an individual with variation in requirement and needs. You will realize that your dog has habits which might not be similar to another dog in your house or for that matter in your neighborhood.

When it comes to other natural processes, like eating, sleeping or relieving themselves, dogs are different from each other as well. There can be a generalized guideline but no fixed pattern can be given. Normally an adult dog is likely to have bowel movements at least twice a day. This again will be dictated on your dog’s daily diet. If he eats more on a day he is likely to have more bowel movements on that day. Similarly, if your dog eats less, then maybe he requires relieving himself just once in a day.

Usually a puppy requires relieving himself three to four times in a day. This may again increase if he had a lot to eat. Similarly, an adult dog that is in the habit of munching all the time would also need to move his bowels several times in a day.

In order to maintain a comfortable routine, you should regulate your dog’s eating habits and refrain from over feeding your dog. You must ensure a balanced diet which is healthy for your dog. Remember, your dog needs all the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber in his diet. Milk, pumpkin, corn and mineral oils act as a laxative for dogs, before introducing any such substance in your dog’s diet, do consult your vet.

Dogs that have been diagnosed with digestive tract problems require to be closely and continuously monitored for any change in their daily bowel movement routine. Keeping your dog healthy will not just keep him happy but will be a source of satisfaction for you as well.