A social ill manner for the humans, farting is a normal physiological act which is considered embarrassing and indecent in public. But not for your pup, who would never leave a chance to embarrass you in front of your guests by creating a loud fart sound followed by the foulest of smells.

This your dog does not do as revenge or as a joke but out of sheer necessity. Your dog develops this condition due to his eating habits. Normally a dog who tries to gobble down his food quickly, without chewing would end up with air blocked and compressed in his intestines, which results in noisy and bad smelling farts.

What you need to do is reduce the frequency and do away with odor, but, do not try to stop them altogether, as this is a natural process which is on going for us as well as for your dog.

The first step in the correct direction would be to reduce or eliminate foods that are known to produce gas from your pet’s diet. This will bring down the frequency to the least.

Avoid giving your dog a big meal to your dog once or twice a day, but you may give the same amount of daily prescribed ration divided in smaller quantities several times in a day as a routine. This will give your dog’s digestive system less work to do, thereby producing less gas.

The most essential part of your dog’s routine should be exercise. You must have noticed with yourself also that you yourself do not have this problem when you exercise. So don’t forget to give your dog a healthy dose of exercise every day, this will reduce the gas buildup in the digestive system altogether.

Your dog is at your disposal to feed and to keep healthy. What you feed your dog will dictate your dog’s digestive response. So don’t blame him for farting in front of the guests, just change the way you feed him.