Although most dogs seem to enjoy the smell of a human flatus or fart, the reverse is rarely true. Dogs suffering from excessive flatulence (farting) can quickly pollute the air quality in a room and make it un bearable for the occupants to remain in the room. Although not harmful to human health, the smell is often horrific and can it create some embarrassing moments, especially when guests are around.

The most common causes of bad flatulence in dogs include:

· Eating too fast. When your dog eats too fast, he is likely to swallow air, which makes its way to the intestines very quickly and in a more concentrated quantity.

· The natural processes of producing the gas through food digestion and absorption within the digestive and eliminatory tracts.

· Eating foods that are known to cause flatulence, such as beans, cauliflower etc.

· Eating poor quality dog food.

Here are some tips that can help diminish the severity of dog flatulence:

· Instead of feeding your dog a big meal once or twice a day, divide the daily food quantity into smaller portions and feed the dog more frequently.

· Sometimes the reason behind your dog’s habit of eating quickly is due to the fear that their food would be taken away. Try to feed your dog in a quiet comfortable area.

· Exercise the dog more frequently to stimulate its intestines.

· Choose a premium brand of dog food that is highly digestible.

· There are certain products available that can be added to dog food in order to reduce farting and its odor, but these should only be used after consulting your veterinarian. Activated charcoal is often used in this regard and it does absorb the bad smelling gasses that cause bad flatulence. It must be used with caution and very occasionally however, since it can also rob the dog’s body of the nutrients it is getting from its food.

It should be noted that although bad flatulence can be reduced, all dogs (just like all humans) experience daily flatulence and it should never be your intention to get your dog to stop farting altogether.