Being constipated can be equally miserable for your dog as it is for you. The worst part in this scenario is your dog’s inability to communicate his troubles and feelings to you. Whatever that has to be done from finding out the trouble to its remedy becomes your responsibility.

As a matter of fact prevention is better than cure. Keeping your dog’s diet balanced will definitely help you keep a healthy dog. Before you put your dog in the car and haul him over to the vet, it would be reasonable to try something right out of your refrigerator or your kitchen cabinet. These natural ingredients would actually help resolve your dog’s digestive troubles.

Adding a little fiber to your pet’s diet will definitely resolve that digestive system blockade. Try adding a little bit of oat bran or pumpkin juice in your dog’s regular meal. Just half a spoon twice a day will do the trick and your dog will be relieved of his agony.

Water is not just the fluid of life for us only. Dogs need to be hydrated more than we do. Give your dog a lot of water to drink, this will reduce the dryness in the digestive tract and give your pet the required relief.

If the constipation is very severe and has extended for a considerable period of time, it would be very effective to prepare a warm meat-based broth and add 1/2 teaspoon of a psyllium-based laxative, depending up on your pet’s size, if your dog is, or 2 teaspoons for larger dogs. Make sure you’re generous with the broth. They need the fluids to restore the body fluid level and remove the dryness from their digestive system.

Milk acts as a natural laxative for dogs. Be careful when administering it to your dog as an over dosage may cause diarrhea. Half a cup twice a day is sufficient for a large dog and the quantity should be reduced with the size of your pet proportionately. Do not continue after the constipation is relieved.