Dogs are playful creatures and at the same time very inquisitive. Everything that they come across must make its way to the mouth. If you have noticed, your dog’s favorite pastime is chewing. May it be an old shoe or a rubber toy; everything that he sees; will go into his mouth. Such indiscriminate eating habits lead to problems of the digestive tract, like blockage, bloating and constipation.

What is essential for you to know is that no matter how much careful you remain; your dog is likely to put something in his mouth that really does not belong in there. So the next most important thing that you should know is about natural stool softeners which will give your dog’s digestive system a relief when he is affected by constipation.

Before you haul your dog to the vet’s try giving your dear pet a stool softener which will soften up the stool which is giving a hard time to your dog while defecating. Here are a few natural stool softeners that you probably will have around your house;

· Water. When constipated, give your dog a lot of water, this will loosen up the dried up stool in the system and ease up the process.

· Milk. Milk is one stool softener that probably is available, but care in use is very essential, as dairy products can trigger a diarrhea in your, instead of giving a relief.

· Pumpkin. Canned pumpkins are considered the best stool softener for dogs. Adding a few chunks in your dog’s meal will definitely give relief to your in constipation.

Please remember that your dog would need these stool softeners only when he is constipated. Other than water, which should otherwise be given frequently to your dog, these should only be given on requirement basis or when advised by your vet.