Your dog’s health is a matter of primary importance. The most inconvenient condition that your dog can have after diarrhea is constipation. You need to take your dog out several times with minor or no results at all. It is very frustrating for you but it is more discomforting for your dog.

Such drastic conditions call for similar drastic measures. What actually is required is to first now the reason for the constipation. If the cause is a blockage than there is no need to waste any time and immediately take your dog to a vet, as a surgical procedure may be the requirement to save your dog’s life. But if the cause is other than a blockage then what your dog needs is a laxative to relieve him of his miseries.

There are many different types of laxatives available, but trying self medication on your dog would be the last thing that anyone would recommend. So try not to use those laxatives without your vet’s advice. Another point to remember is that your dog is not a human; therefore medicines meant for humans are not fit for your dog, until advised by your vet.

The best that you can do to help your dog in this hour of misery and discomfort is to give him something that is natural, safe and readily available at home. For your dog there can be a lot of things that can be categorized as safe laxatives;

· Milk. Milk acts as a laxative for dogs. If you feel that your dog is constipated for some time now, go ahead and give him milk, but be careful about the quantity as higher dosage can be harmful instead of being beneficial. For smaller dogs 1/8th of a cup twice a day and ½ a cup twice a day for a big dog is a safe laxative which will do the trick.

· Pumpkin. Canned pumpkin is yet another safe laxative for your dog. Add a little pumpkin to your dog’s daily meal and you will find your dog’s stool loosen up.

· Corn. Adding corn will add the fiber content in your dog’s diet. There are dog foods specially prepared with corn added, but they should not be given to your dog as a routine until advised by your vet.

· Water. The most usual cause of constipation is dehydration among dogs. Give as much water to your dog as possible it will give him the required relief.