Most of the times you will realize that your pet dog eats stuff other than food. For example; balls, corn cobs, clothing items, coins, strings. And other items which fits conveniently in his mouth. All examples can be graded as foreign bodies. Many of these objects can be too large to exit the stomach, but the smaller objects, such as marbles, paper clips and strings can pass through the stomach, but may get stuck in the small intestine causing a blockage.

A partial blockage in the intestines will produce intermittent symptoms, of vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping. A complete blockage will produce severe and sudden abdominal pain, violent, possibly projectile vomiting. The vomited material may consist of fecal-like matter, if the blockage is located in the lower GI tract. Your dog will usually have a tense abdomen with few or no bowel movements. Commonly, the temperature is elevated, especially if the intestine has been punctured.

Strings of yarn or wool are the things that pose the greatest danger, because of their length. The reason is that they spread and affect a longer portion of the gastrointestinal tract. The churning movement of the small intestine will cause the string bunch up in different sections of the intestines. With continued waves of movement across this area, the string becomes tighter and cuts through the wall of the intestine, often in several places. This causes severe inflammation in the abdomen as the intestines spring a leak releasing toxins into the blood stream. In case of large intestine, the foreign bodies simply get stuck in the intestine, where they cause a blockage that prevents food from moving through the tract. All such blockages must be taken as a medical emergency. Any delay may cause serious health damage to your beloved pet.

If the blockage interferes with the flow of blood to the bowel, intestinal strangulation will occur, and the bowel will start to rot within a few hours. Abdominal x-rays are needed to properly diagnose the cause of distress and locate the blockage. Surgical removal of the blockage is required immediately.